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World Public Forum's Pro Forma Budget
By simply recognizing that we already agree we are all humans, incipient global cataclysms can be averted, and instead a destiny more sublime than our wildest imaginings can be within our reach.
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If a single practical investment of dollars or resources could simultaneously optimize everyone’s security as well as quality of life on a global scale, would it be worth it?
What could be more cost-effective than building our lives around our broadest and deepest interests as humansinterests which, far from negating or stifling our individuality and diversity, celebrate and enrich it?
The gridlock and strife we see all around us are symptoms of fear, whether quiet or palpable, of the mistaken belief that our true essence lies in our secondary characteristics (cultural, political and economic identifications, sex, race, religion or belief systems); whereas in truth these rightfully cherished attributes are simply interesting aspects of who we are as humans.
That is the purpose of the Human Unity Project—to shine the light of our shared interests as humans on life itself. This in turn will allow us to discover and clarify our deepest longings and aspirations, and to see our way out of all that presently divides us and even threatens our very existence. 
The Human Unity Project is looking for seed funding to initiate outreach to individuals for the monetary resources, participation and unique leadership essential for accomplishing the full measure of project initiatives. From there such individuals can inspire the world with an unprecedented array of applications—involving human-focused discovery, agreements and conversations—crucial to ensuring our security and releasing our innate wholeness and goodness on this now-perilous planet.
Pro Forma Budget Proper:
The World Public Forum requests seed funding of $85,000 for
1.  staffing, equipping and launching the Human Unity Project office for a nine-month campaign from its operational base in San Francisco; and
2.  introducing for-profit and non-profit investors to the HUP and to the uniquely affordable and rewarding benefits that would begin to spin off virtually from launch. These benefits encompass:
 Sharing the primal fact of our lives as humans, offline and online, with a full cross-section of the      world’s humans.
 Generating human agreement in its multiple contexts, e.g., implicit and explicit, private and public.
 Facilitating a Great Human Conversation worldwide, in which our lives as humans are explored, examined and understood. 
 Applying human foci in all areas—from the empirical primacy of humans to dynamics of agreement and intimacy of conversation—for ensuring the security imperative for all life and environments on Earth. 
Enabling and releasing the innate wholeness and consummate goodness of our lives.
 Tapping into the heretofore unimagined and unexplored lodes of resources that can be discovered and provided through human-focused applications. 
Your generous contributions will be profoundly appreciated and immensely consequential. For further information about HUP and the ways your contributions can work, please visit our website,, and contact us by any of the addresses below.
Eugene A. Haggerty, Founder
World Public Forum
January 2010
World Public Forum*
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We welcome your hopes, questions, suggestions—and your active engagement.  Your participation is profoundly important for meeting the dire challenges presented by this unique moment in history.

The World Public Forum seeks funding and public support for optimizing the security and wholeness of all our lives and environments on Earth. Whatever contributions are right for you are vitally important and gratefully appreciated. Please make your check payable to

A California tax-deductible, public benefit association
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