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Agreeing We Are All Humans

We are all humans.” This empirically indisputable axiom allows us to agree  beyond all our differences, build upon our agreements, and include all humans in our shared priorities.

Because each of us at some level recognizes and agrees to this commonsense fact, we already have established a foundational premise that is both immediately obvious and universally accessible, profound as well as intimate.

As the implications of this agreement unfold, we discover the unique magnitude and promise of our common human ground. And as our conversations (humans with humans) focus, deepen and broaden, every dimension of fellowship, exploration and discovery is synergized—and every prospect for all of our lives, at long last, becomes achievable.

The Human Unity Project applies the inexhaustible resources available through such agreement to the most urgent imperatives and priorities we face, optimizing our security and wholeness in this now-perilous world. As we generate evermore creative and visible solutions, our deepest hopes and cares begin to be realized, resulting in the unveiling  and release of an unimaginably consummate good which lies within all our lives and environments on Earth.

We   earnestly   encourage   and  invite  your  crucially  important  support and and leadership for this unique, highest priority project  for all.

Eugene Haggerty




 Trust people like
 human beings.

The day after a nuclear attack, 

They'll act like
human beings.

what would we wish   we had done?   

                      Mohamed ElBaradei                       

Why aren't we doing it now?

Peace Nobelist (2005)
Director-General IAEC

 Former US Senator
         Sam Nunn


  Co-Chairman and CEO
  Nuclear Threat Initiative



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