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of the
Declaration of Human Unity

Partial list of some 600 thoughtful and distinguished humans
from an unprecedented cross section of the world—Winter 2010

(Affiliations are listed for information and identification only)


J.R.D. Tata  (1904-93)  
              Lily Sui-fong Sun
Former Chairman, Tata Sons Limited
(Among India's
Largest Business Conglomerates)
Famed Pioneer Indian Aviator,
Granddaughter of Sun Yat-sen
"Father of Modern China"
President, Sun Yat-sen Foundation
for Peace and Education,
Bombay (now Mumbai), India
Honolulu, Hawaii

       Betty Williams             Rodrigo Carazo          
Nobel Peace Laureate
(1976, with Maireid Maguire);
Founder, World Centers of 
Compassion for Children,
Former President of
Costa Rica 
Founder, University for Peace;
World Ambassador for
Peace and Unity, 
            Pensacola, Florida            San Jose, Costa Rica      

Steve Allen (dec) – Author-humorist; Los Angeles, California

Baba Amte –Founder, Knit India March; recipient of United Nations Human Rights
Award (1988); Templeton Prize (1990); Gandhi Peace Prize (2000);
Anandwan, India

Mike S. Amachree – Chairman, Brooklyn Hotels;Lagos, Nigeria

Oscar Arias Sánchez – Peace Nobelist (1988); President of Costa Rica

Roman Arrieta Villalobos – Archbishop, San Jose, Costa Rica

Charnjit Singh Atwal – Ex–Speaker, Punjab Legislative Assembly;
Chandigarh, India

Americ Azevedo – Businessman-philosopher; Director, Collaborative Intelligence
Lab, University of California (Berkeley)

Qutubuddin Aziz – Secretary General, Press Association of Pakistan

Ben H. Bagdikian – Pulitzer Prize journalist; Dean Emeritus, Graduate School of
Journalism, University of California (Berkeley)

Ramkrishna Bajaj (dec.) – Industrialist and philanthropist,
Bombay (now Mumbai), India

Jan Ballard – Financial analyst, organizational consultant; Sebastopol, California

Giorgio F. Barabino – General Secretary, International Association of
Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Vigliano Biellese, Italy

Robert F. Bellah – Author-sociologist, recipient of the National Humanities Medal;
University of California (Berkeley)

Abhay K. Bhushan – Business and social entrepreneur; Founder, Indians for
Collective Action, Palo Alto, California

Camille Bishop – Student leader, A Human Association; University of California,
Berkeley, California

Larry Boggs – Editor; San Rafael, California

    Kenneth Boulding (dec.) – Author-lecturer, Former President,
American Association for the Advancement of Science and
Distinguished Professor of Economics, Boulder, Colorado

Luba Brezhnev – Author-journalist; niece of Soviet Union's 
Premier Leonid Brezhnev

Willie L. Brown, Jr. – Former Mayor, San Francisco, California

Herb Caen (dec.) – Pulitzer Prize columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

Tom Campbell – Former U.S. Republican congressman, dean of the School of
of Law (Stanford University), Haas School of Business (University of
California at Berkeley) and Finance Director, State of California

Rodrigo Carazo Odio – Founder, University for Peace; Former President,
Costa Rica

A. Lawrence Chickering – Author and public policy analyst, Institute for
Contemporary Studies, San Francisco, California

Norman Cousins (dec.)– Journalist, author and public policy analyst

Walter Cronkite – Journalist, author and public speaker, New York City

Jose B. Cuellar – Director, Cesar E. Chavez Institute for Public Policy,
San Francisco, California

The Dalai Lama – Leader of Tibetan Buddhism; Peace Nobelist (1989)

Sunil Dang – Director, Indian Newspaper Society; Editor-in Chief, DayAfter
(international news magazine), New Delhi, India

Pondurenga Das – Yoga teacher; writer; Berkeley, California 

Ram Dass – Spiritual teacher and lecturer; San Anselmo, California

Fred Drexler (dec.) – Former Chairman, Industrial Indemnity Company and
Institute for Philosophical Research; San Francisco, California

Fang Lizhi – Astrophysicist; democracy and human rights leader;
University of Arizona; Tucson, Arizona

Bishop Theo E. Frazier – Chairman, Faith Based Coalition;
President, Business Men's Fellowship, San Francisco, California

Arun Gandhi – Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi; Founder, M. K. Gandhi Institute for
Nonviolence; Memphis, Tennessee

Allen Ginsberg (dec.) – Poet, New York City 

Ramnath Goenka (dec.) – Chairman, Indian Express Group;
Bombay (now Mumbai), India

William C. Gough – Founder, Foundation for Mind-Being Research,
Los Altos, California

Dick Gregory – Author-humorist and human rights activist; Plymouth, Massachusetts

Edgar Guevara – Composer and environmentalist, San Francisco, California

Eugene Haggerty – Founder, World Public Forum; Human Unity Project
designer-coordinator, San Francisco, California

Willis W. Harman (dec.) – Author-lecturer; Former President, Institute of
Noetic Sciences, Sausalito, California

Jean Houston – Founder, Mystery School; Pomona, New York

Hitoshi Ikezaki – Business consultant; Tokyo, Japan

Balram Jakhar – Ex–Speaker, Lok Sabha (India)

Nandlal Jotwani – Founder, Global Harmony, New Delhi, India

Bill Joy – Venture capitalist (partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers);
co-founder and ex–chief scientist at Sun Microsystems; science writer,
Aspen, Colorado

Netty Kahan – Editor; Novato, California

Inamullah Khan (dec.) – Former President, World Conference,
Religion and Peace; Templeton Prize (1988); Karachi, Pakistan

Imam Medhi Khorasani – Fairfax, California

King Bishop (Dr. Eddie C. Welbon) – The Greater Mount Zion Spiritual Temple, 
San Francisco Bay Area

Edward Langthorn – Retired prosecutor; compiler of Unity Field of Inquiry;
Walnut Creek, California

Richard Leakey – Anthropologist and environmentalist, author-lecturer;
Nairobi, Kenya

Audrey Lin – President, A Human Association; student leader,
University of California at Berkeley, California

Seymour Martin Lipset – Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution; Stanford, California

Liu Binyan – Publisher, China Focus; Princeton, New Jersey

Thomas Keng Lu – Former Journalist; The People, Hong Kong

Mochtar Lubis – Journalist-author; Director General, Press Foundation of Asia;
Jakarta, Indonesia

Shirley MacLaine – Actress and author; Malibu, California

Mairead Maguire – Peace Nobelist (1976; Co-Founder, Commumity
of Peace People
, and a founder of The Nobel Women's Initiative,
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Bill Maher – Humorist and TV personality; Los Angeles, California

Sister Mary-Michael – Prioress, Order of Agape and Reconciliation;
Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada

Avon Mattison – President, Pathways to Peace; International Secretariat of
We the Peoples; Larkspur, California

Marisa de los Andes – Poet and community leader, Quito, Ecuador

Ali A. Mazrui – Writer-producer, host of television series The Africans;
Binghamton, New York

Robert McDermott – Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, New York University;
Former President, California Institute of Integral Studies,
San Francisco, California

Manorama Mohapatra – Editor, Samaj, Cuttack, India

Ashley Montagu (dec.) – Author, lecturer, anthropologist and educator;
Princeton, New Jersey

Robert Muller – Former Assistant Secretary General and "Philosopher" of the UN; 
Former Chancellor, University for Peace, Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

Walter Munoz Cespedes – Peace Nobelist (1985) with International Physicians
for Prevention of Nuclear War
, San Jose, Costa Rica

N. N. Murthy – Journalist; Secretary and Executive Director,
International Benevolent Research Forum, Nagpur, India

Michael Nagler – Author: Is There No Other Way?; Professor and Founder,
Peace and Conflict Studies, University of California (Berkeley)

Seyyed Hossein Nasr – University Professor of Islamic Studies,
George Washington University; Washington DC

Mazlan Nordin – Chairman, Malaysian National News Agency;
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yuri Orlov – Author and human rights leader, Ithaca, New York

Orobo Osagie – Africanist and Organizational Specialist;
PhD, International Area Studies, University of San Francisco (California) 

Nani A. Palkhivala (dec.) – Former Arnbassador to the United States;
Bombay (now Mumbai), India

Satya Paul – General Secretary, Servants of People Society, New Delhi, India

William H. Pemberton (dec.) – Author-lecturer; psychologist and
general semanticist; Mill Valley, California

Javier Pérez de Cuéllar – Former Secretary General, United Nations 
and Peruvian diplomat, Lima, Peru

Jose Ramos-Horta – Peace Nobelist (1996); President, East Timor

Abdul Shakoor Rana – President, South Asian Fraternity, Lahore, Pakistan

Norodom Ranariddh – Former Co-Premier of Cambodia; son of 
Prince Norodom Sihanouk

Swami Ranganathananda (dec.) – Author and public speaker; Indira Gandhi
Awardee for National Integration
; Pres. Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad, India

Carl Reich – retired journalist, San Francisco Examiner; Novato, California

Debbie Reynolds – Actress, North Hollywood, California

Peter Russell – Futurist, author and lecturer; consultant
to international corporations; Sausalito, California

Ravi Shankar – Composer, sitar virtuoso; Member of Parliament, India

Giani Zail Singh (dec.) – Former President of India

Karan Singh – Former Indian Ambassador to the United States and
Maharajah of Kashmir

Sulak Sivaraksa – Founder, Santi Pracha Dharnma Institute;
Bangkok, Thailand

Huston Smith – Author-lecturer on world religions; Berkeley, California

Lily Sun – Founder, Sun Yat-sen Foundation; Honolulu, Hawaii

J.R.D. Tata (dec.) – Founder, Tata Sons Limited;
Bombay (now Mumbai), India

Tenzin N. Tethong – Lecturer on Tibetan Culture; Executive Director,
Survivors International; San Francisco, California

Vimala Thakar – International lecturer and author on spirituality and philosophy;
Mount Abu, India

Robert Thurman – Author and lecturer; Professor, Buddhist Studies,
Columbia University; President, Tibet House, New York City

Desmond M. Tutu – Peace Nobelist (1984); Anglican Archbishop Emeritus
and chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Republic of South Africa

John Vasconcellos – Former California State Senator and founder of
Self-esteem Movement, San Jose, California

Frances Vaughan – Author, psychologist;
Transpersonal Psychology Association; Mill Valley, California

Betty Williams – Founder, World Centers of Compassion for Children;
Peace Nobelist (1976); Pensacola, Florida

Robin Williams – Actor, comedian; San Francisco, California

Marianne Williamson – Author and speaker on spirituality
and relationships; Montecito, California

Stevie Wonder – humanitarian, singer and songwriter; Los Angeles, California

Andrew Young – Former ambassador to the United Nations and mayor of
Atlanta; a founder and chairman of Goodworks International; Atlanta, Georgia

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