Searching for The World's Most Respected and Honorable Humans

We are searching the entire world for everyone, yourself  included,
for the As-Yet-Unrecognized Most Honorable Humans.

Through such a search, we will further discover, explore and bring alive All Humans on Earth. 
Within each and every one of us—as humans—bides an immense bounty of our most
unique, precious, untapped, unimagined of resources—our innate
 integrity, wholeness, respect, honor and goodness
all needlessly lost to the world.

As the world's true honorables can release an infinity of goodness, we invite you, our friends,
inspiring all on Earth, to send us your thoughtful choices among all the names of 
The World's Most Respected and Honorable Humans. 


We invite you to simply e-mail us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
or any of the addresses below, with one or more of your choices from: 
both your Region and the Entire World of Humans.

Please provide brief information about your key choice(s), as follows:
Name of each choice:
Address (an e-mail or other contact address):
Honorable accomplishments of each choice:
Photographs (if available):

In addition, include any other information about your recommendations, as this can serve
to profoundly optimize the prospects of all humans on Earth.

And tell us also about yourselfwe seek to recognize your vital interests and merits! 

We invite you to add your good name to a never-before list of distinguished signers of the Declaration of Human Unity.  If you are able, please also send whatever contributions are right for you—they are profoundly important and gratefully appreciated. See Paypal.

We will contact you when we receive your vital message or contribution. Thank you for your vital human-heartedness and generous response.


Eugene Haggerty
Founder and Project Coordinator

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